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Birding Journal – Sinhagad

This has been on my mind for a while now. A record of my birding trips that I can share with anyone interested. And Sinhagad seems like a good trip to start with. We started from Mumbai at 3.30am on Sunday. Six of us in a Scorpio, with Jeetu at the wheels. A minor delay […]

Airtel – 1. Customer – 0.

“Good afternoon. This is Sheetal. How may I help you?” “Hi Sheetal. My number is 98*******0. I wish to surrender this number.” “Thank you for the number Sir. How can I help you?” “I want to surrender this number, this connection.” “Why Sir?” “This is a Delhi number. I moved to Mumbai a few years […]

Where was I?

It’s not that I’ve been too busy to blog. But since a few weeks I’ve been posting a series for afaqs.com – a popular advertising and marketing site. If you are interested in a lighthearted take on advertising, here are the links to the posts: Liftman’s Log 1.01 Liftman’s Log 1.02 Liftman’s Log 1.03 Liftman’s Log 1.04 […]

Dear Brother Kalmadi

Dear Brother Kalmadi, Greetings. Kallu, our village gambler, says a special ‘yo’. Ever since the glorious wikipedia told us that your middle name is also Kallu, he has been wearing a special friendship band in your honour. Wait, he says ‘yo’ again Brother, we are aware of the trouble surrounding you. Brother Twitter has told us. So […]

Gullible’s Travels – 2

I am, what you can call, a reformed frequent flier. And the designation does not come easy. You must, compulsorily, undergo life-altering experiences to earn it. At times, experiences that alter the impression left by a previous life-altering experience. For instance, once, after being crushed between two portly businessmen all through a Mumbai-Delhi flight, I […]

Dear Brother Twitter

Dear Brother Twitter, WTF. I don’t know what that means, but I think it is a popular greeting in your world. So I am hoping you will like it  In fact in our village we like showing our respect three times. So here goes. WTF. WTF. WTF. I am hoping you will like that more  […]

Gullible’s Travels – 1

Yes I am a frequent flier. No. You would not want to be in my shoes. You see, things happen to frequent fliers. Unimaginable things. Good soul that I am, I would not ever want them to happen to you. Believe me, frequent flying is no fun, once you’re done with the initial glee and […]

Dear Brother Teleshopping

Dear Brother Teleshopping, No greetings to you. Apologies, but I do not know how to greet someone as enlightened as you. You see, late Sunday night, we were all watching TV at the village square. Talli, in his usual high spirits, was playing with the channels. It was he who stopped at this amazing vision: […]

Dear Brother Mayawati

(Important) Dear Brother Mayawati, Jai Ho. You will note I have taken the liberty of addressing you as brother. It is not without reason. Neither is it without verification from wikipedia*. So please do not be offended. This once, I will not digress as I often do. I will come to the point ASAP – (new […]

Dear Brother Jobs

(Confidential) Dear brother Jobs, I read you now have a new liver. One million genuine good wishes from me and all in my village to you. You will be pleased to know this: About the time you got a new liver, our village got a new Macbook. Actually, our village cybercafe owner Jaggu (aka Jags) […]

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